Jean Paul Gaultier | de Young Museum

Sometimes an art exhibition surprises you in all the right ways. Admittedly, I wasn’t that eager to see “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk,” de Young’s newest exhibit; but after 5 minutes, I was sold. Every once in a while an art exhibition in a fine arts museum can still surprise you; by at once playing with beauty, gender, fashion, sex and music as they did in the work of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. I can’t help but admire the humor, wit, and universality of what it all happen to say; the world is created by our hands and all things we create can be at once beautiful, special, and ordinary. But most importantly, like all things we create–gender roles, fashion, and what is considered beautiful– it is ultimately only a product of our society. One that can be changed, unraveled, and thrown out all together; if we choose to do so. While never forgetting to look fabulous.

I highly recommend a swing by the de Young for any fashion or art lover before it ends in August.

.white .dress



.favorite shot of the day


cat walk



.favorite shot of the day.detail.white .dress.detailphotodress
dresscat walkdress

From the de Young website:

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

March 24, 2012 – August 19, 2012

“Dubbed fashion’s enfant terrible, Jean Paul Gaultier launched his first prêt-à-porter collection in 1976 and founded his own couture house in 1997. Emerging as a designer in the 1970s, he developed his own dress codes that reflected the changing world around him. The openly gay Gaultier uses his designs to tackle gender and transgender issues through androgynous, gender-bending styles, meanwhile delving even further into some of the darker areas of the sexual revolution. Always provocative, he addresses issues of multiculturalism by bringing ethnic diversity to the Paris runway. Despite the gritty and sometimes controversial context of his collections, the clothes remain beautiful, superbly crafted with the finest dressmaking and detailing skills.”


What are your thoughts?

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