Last Photos from Bongliw


Our first task was to assist the roofing of a BahayKubo. It was nice working with Bamboo and Nipa, before the project I’d never seen how the construction of a BahayKubo took place.





Family Day: A day for the GK village to come together as families and provide games and entertainment for the children of the village. The day consisted of all the families from the village gathering in the community hall, playing games they learned from TV, dancing, singing Videoke, and of course eating. Lots of eating. Keeping in mind that all ten houses had only lived within the GK village for 4 months, and previous to that most of these families did not live near each other, I was impressed to see how enthusiastically the entire village came together to enjoy each others company and treat each other as family. It reminded me once again that GK’s strength and potential is not within the supplies and materials it utilizes to build homes, but through the creation of community and neighborhood where there was none before.





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