Museums & St. Pauls in the City

One thing that sucks about being in London, the exchange rate: US economy sucks right now, so it sucks to be a US tourist. Everything here is basically the same amount as it is in America, except replace the dollar sign with the pound sign. Factor in the 2:1 conversion ratio, means everything is twice as expensive.

Latte at Starbucks: 8 Dollars
Slice of Pizza: 10 Dollars
la Fresco Lunch: 20 Dollars

But one thing that makes up for it.
the free things in London, like the museums.

Visited three museums in London today, all for free. Museum of London (basically a natural history, and history museum wrapped into one), Tate Modern Museum of Art, and Bank Museum of London (museum about banking and the economy).

But first the St. Paul’s Cathedral




Tate Museum is a converted power station in 2000. Huge brick building that’s been modernized. The interior is a juxtaposition between hard industrial and huge spaces that invite the large scale minimalism and contemporary display of modern art. I personally really loved the feel of the building, spacious, modern, but old and raw industrial feeling.

Outside of Tate



Royal Exchange –Fancy and upscale mall


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