Wandering Wimbledon

after sleeping in, Brian and I decided to save the underground fare and just stay in Wimbledon and explore the town/city/province for a day.

not sure really what to categorize Wimbledon as because parts of it resemble a grown and busy city, with a downtown filled with high class shopping, busy underground and train station, along with a generous selection of pubs and bars. But other parts of Wimbledon remind me of small quaint provincial towns, like taken straight out of scenes of Notting Hill (the private gardens) or from the opening scene of Beauty and the Beat (call me corny but I am on a trip with Brian Imagineering Loo). I’ll take proper pics of both aspects of the area, but today we decided to walk around casually exploring the neighborhoods.

What continues to impress me about London is that almost every aspect of it has a long and rich history. Every site has some kind of story to it. So the garden we visited was part of a huge estate that once belonged to some lord or other in the 19th century, then renovated to become a public garden. Parts of it reminded me of old abandoned ruins, Brian and I are planning on returning for a proper ‘photo shoot.’



other parts are reminiscent of ‘the secret garden’ with small herbs and flowers almost too delicate for huge crowds to frequent the garden every weekend.

Determined to find out what else Wimbledon has to offer we wondered around streets and neighborhoods until we stumbled upon a Thai Buddhist Temple. An Absolutely beautiful sight to see white walls and gold details contrasted against the standard brick houses.


After wandering for a good while we finally reached the Wimbledon tennis courts. Definitely pretentious and snooty, security guards, private club, overpriced gift store. But easy to see why its the premier location for international tennis champions. After all, the Wimbledon games were the reason airfare skyrocketed after May.

On another note we also saw the Sex and the City Movie tonight. I know, I know, travel half way around the world to watch a movie showing in Berkeley and LA, but we have a month and a half, why not enjoy our time as best as we can. The movie was surprisingly well done, not drawn out, and well worth the time taken away from wondering London streets. Made me reflect on a lot of my past relationships and really appreciate my current one. =D
But also made me think about the drastic difference between the representation available for Queer relationships vs. straight. Not even counting the added complexity when you have the intersection of the identity of being a person of color, I thought for a sec about what we are offered when it comes to Queer relationships.

Criticize Sex and the City as you will, but here is a series/movie that strives to show four different, dynamic, and three dimensional characters. And with them, their very different dynamics in a relationship with their boyfriends. On the other hand, the overwhelming ads I’ve seen on Gay.com, Gay Travel, or queer movies, don’t offer as much depth or versatility. Especially looking at the way many Queer sites orient themselves. With Gay Travel cities promising ‘adventure’ and ‘seduction’ just around the corner or on your next trip; it leaves me to ask, what is offered past sex, or the allure of a new relationship. What of the part of the community that are in relationships and have no desire to fantasize or desire for a new adventure with a ‘exotic’ man? What of those who are not longer interested in the alluring and tight six pack of the cute smile on a gay.com ad? I simply wonder because from Sex and the City comes a desire to reach out to a audience and demographic that lay outside the ‘hot and sexy’ 20-ies and 30-ies. And moreover, offer depth beyond a hookup or sex. So where is the Sex and the City for the Queer community. Where is the desire to reach out to the demographic of committed couples that are growing in numbers, and are adopting to create families more and more? Where is the desire to show the complexities of a relationship beyond, happily ever after?

This wasn’t meant to be a very preachy or thoughtful post, but just thought I might as well ‘put it in writing.’



What are your thoughts?

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